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3 days roadtrip to the Rocky Mountains State


Seth is a good friend I met when I was living in Paris. He now lives in Dubai but was born and raised in Colorado.

In the summer 2013 he was planning to be in the state for few weeks and he invited me to come over and visit. Since I've known him he's always been eager and excited to share his passion for his state. The beautiful sceneries, the endless forests and the amazing outdoors adventures. I decided to book a flight and head over there for just a quick 3 days trip.

Day 1 | Let's Go!

I left late at night after work. After landing, Seth came to pick me up already with the rented car. Next stop, get his brother and a friend and pack the car. Then start driving towards the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve… Midnight. I started driving for the next 4 hours till I passed the driver seat to my friend Seth and tried to get some sleep…

I woke up, still half asleep, to one of the craziest sunrises I've seen. The sky was burning into red and oranges colors. Being in an arid area the cold and dryness of the night were nicely complementing this warm frame.

We continued toward the Sand Dunes. Still a couple more hours on the road. Nevertheless we took accasional stops to enjoy the scenery and early morning air.

After a long full night drive we finally arrived to the dunes. The panorama was so improbable that it was incredible. A large sea was here millions of years ago. It dried out leaving an altitude altiplano. The sand that was at the bottom of the sea got pushed to a corner of the valley. Creating 750 feet high sand dunes. The feeling of walking on sand in the middle of Colorado was unique.

After hiking the dunes, we headed to the most remote and old fashioned looking gas station I’ve ever seen. Being in a huge dry valley made me feel I was on the moon and not in Colorado anymore. The fact that I hadn’t slept much was increasing that feeling.

After eating some deserved breakfast, we headed for a small hike in the surrounding mountains. The hike was going up a small creek. We could enjoy the views down to the valley while being half knees on the nice warm summer water.

We got back to the car and started driving west. Tomorrow night we need to be in Telluride where Seth friend is waiting for us. We drove for a couple of hours till we decided to stop for lunch and look for a camping.

Day 2 | Landscapes day

We got up early, left the campsite and started driving towards Telluride. The plan for the day is to drive through the Million Dollar Highway and stop as much as we want to enjoy the panoramas.

We arrived at Telluride around 5p.m. Seth knows some people in town where we could stay for the night. We arrived in a very cozy house and backyard. There was many people having a good time, having a water slide party in the yard. We instantly were warmly welcomed.

When it was sunset time, we went to the top of the ski station to look at the sunset.

Once we came back from that amazing sunset. We started the party time!

Day 3 | Back to Denver

We ended up going to bed very late and a little drunk. But we had to get up very early the next day to drive back to Denver. I have a plane to catch around 6p.m. Being a warm night we decided to sleep outside. The next day I was so tired and hungover that I didn’t took many pictures.

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