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Roadtrip in Miami and the Key islands

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Since my girlfriend and I don’t live in the same country, we try to see each other as most as we can. Sometimes planning vacations on last minute. Seeing memorial day week end approaching, I decided to get two tickets to Miami and go explore the state of Florida for 6 days. On the road map: Key West island, Everglades and Miami Beach.

Day 1 | Travelling

Travel travel travel
The first day was mainly spent traveling. Waking up very early, taking a cab to SFO, a plane to Charlotte and connecting to Miami International Airport. Once arrived, wait 5 hours for my girlfriend’s plane to arrive, meet her, go & get the rental car and start driving towards the Key Islands. We ended up in a sketchy town called Homestead. Even though these are long and tiring days, I always manage to take a lot of pictures...

Day 2 | Key West

Early the next day we started driving towards Key West, on our way there we stopped in the beautiful Bahia Honda State park. After getting the best swim I had in years and a good sun burn, we finished the small bit we had left, booked in our hotel and played the tourists around the famous Key West island.

Day 3 | Road Day

We failed to extend our trip in Key West for an extra day. Memorial Day week end craziness involved. We hopped back in the car to cross the beautiful Key Islands road again and head towards Miami where a friend would host us for a night.

After a whole day in the car traveling and stopping for warm baths in the Caribbean sea, we finally arrived at Miami. After meeting our friend we headed to Fort Lauderdale for some well deserved refreshments!

Day 4 | Everglades, Miami Beach

The next day we headed for a day into the Everglades. After 3 days of straight roads I start to miss my twisted California roads. Nevertheless we spent an awesome day with lots of sun, airboat rides, alligators and mangroves.

Last Stop
Everglades was our last piece of road. After that we headed to Miami Beach where I've booked a hotel for the rest of the week end.

Day 5 | Beach Day!

After driving around 1000 miles and seeing some very nice things, it was time for some relaxing. After checking the Art Deco buildings, the neighborhood and restaurants, we spent a nice far niente day in the sun and warm water.

Day 6 | Time to leave!

It is unfortunately time to leave and for each of us to return home. After a last walk on the beach, we headed to the airport to return the car and take our respective flights.

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