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A wandering week end in Monterey CA

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My girlfriend came to visit for 3 weeks at the end of june. Her visits are always a good excuse to go on week ends and take pictures! I've been in Monterey a couple of times already, despite being always busy I find it very charming. I decided to go there for an entire week end. Our plans, check the aquarium, walk around town and the warf, go for some whale sightseeing and eat some good sea food.


Monterey Aquarium
The aquarium is very pretty. It is pretty big and has multiple sections all decorated and organised in themes. Kids love it. The jelly fish section was by far my fav!

Deep Sea
Another popular, and impressive one is the deep sea tank. This one is full of huge tunas (I knew they were big but not that big), sharks, turtles and all kind of big fish.
We also saw the reef part, sea otters, rays and much more

After a couple of hours of aquarium madness, we went to rest a little bit at the hotel. We wandered around Monterey center and the charming warf for the rest of the day. Playing the tourists, taking pictures and walking around the popular areas.


The plan that day was to go for a whale watching boat ride. After checking out at the hotel, we headed to the wharf for a 2h sea ride. The rest of the day would be pretty straight forward. Have lunch, go surf at Monterey beach and drive back to Mountain View

Bumpy bumpy sea
After a very pretty harbor departure, thing started to get very bumpy. Suddenly, the boat got divided in two. The strong stomachs up front, getting some flicks of the whales. Penitentiary on the back for the sea sick people. Even if this people were suffering at that moment, I can't stop having the giggles when I think of all that spread drama on board.

Time to go back
I gave my girlfriend a little rest on the stomach and I went to play with flipper on the water. Then we started slowly to come back to Mountain View. Stopping on the vista points, getting lunch and taking pictures of retro/vantage road signs.

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