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A wandering week end in Monterey CA


Living in San Francisco South Bay has some advantages. And one of them is definitely to be close to Monterey.

I've been in Monterey a couple of times already, despite being always busy I find it very charming. I decided to go there for an entire week end. The plan, check the aquarium, walk around town and the warf, go for some whale sightseeing and eat some good sea food.

Whale watching and bumpy seas

Before coming back to South Bay I decided to go for a whale watching ride. After a very pretty harbor departure, thing started to get very bumpy. Suddenly, the boat got divided in two. The strong stomachs up front, getting some flicks of the whales. Penitentiary on the back for the sea sick people. Even if this people were suffering at that moment, I can't stop having the giggles when I think of all that spread drama on board.

Time to go back

After going for a quick surf session I started slowly to come back to Mountain View. Stopping on the vista points, getting lunch and taking pictures of retro/vantage road signs.

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