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Silver Lake

July 4 week end in the California Sierras

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Some friends own a piece of land in the back mountains in California. On highway 88, near Silver Lake. Not as big as Lake Tahoe, they are small hidden gem lakes. Combination of big rocky mountains, majestic pine forests and crystal water lakes fed by the winter snow melting during the spring time. We decided to head over there for the extended week end of july 4.

July 3 | Road trip

Road Day
We started driving on july 3 afternoon. Big mistake. Roads were absolute madness and we spent long hours in the famous bay area traffic. We arrived to our "campground" by dusk. I had never been there and we were supposed to find the spot making a 5-10 minutes hike through a very steep forrest. After finding the spot, we went up and down to the car loaded with coolers, food, camping gear and even a barbecue!

July 4 | Caples Lake

The plan that day is go to Silver and Caples lakes, drive around, hike and have a nice lunch. Maybe also swim as we have no shower in our wild camp.

Starting the day slow
After waking up, exploring the campground and running the classic wild camping errands: water, food, organize the cooler and prepare the sandwiches for the day we headed towards Silver Lake and Caples Lake.

We decided to explore Caples Lake. After a beautiful car ride and climbing to 8000ft we found a very quiet spot near the lake were we had picnic, nap and swim in cold high altitude water!

After enjoying the lakes we went back to our wild campsite and walked around there for a bit before preparing dinner and having a Robinson Crusoe night

July 5 | Silver Lake

We woke up early that day and packed the campground in the car. After preparing some picnic for the day we hited Silver Lake. We spent an amazing day going along the shore. This one was made of big blocks of rock and the view to the lake was just mind blowing. A combination of blue water, green forests and white rocks.

After packing our stuff we found the cleaned skeleton of a dead dear near our campground. His head was missing. Very strange.
We also took a souvenir of Chaparral street as I'm a big fan of Chaparral typeface and I though it was funny to find a stret with that name in the middle of nowhere in CA.

Time to go back
After and amazing day of sun, water and walks we header back to Mountain View crossing the beautifull sierras and California dry summer valley.

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