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Winter 2017

Parents visit


January till March 2017 were very busy months. Discovering the city again, road trips, weeks ends outside of the city and my parents visit from France.


The first half of January was a direct continuation of December 2016. Hosting couhsurfers, playing the tourist in my neighborhood and San Francisco and go out with new made friends.

Parents in town

The other half of the months my parents came to visit for 3 weeks. We spent the first week discovering the city and it’s surroundings. Long walks in SF downtown and Embarcadero. Hikes in Marin.


Next I took my parents for a quick week end in the Sierras. The plan is to take them to Tahoe road cruising around the lake and snow shoeing the trails. It had been a very rainy season making Tahoe packed with snow. The most I had seen up there since my move to San Francisco in 2012.


The last week my parents were around I took them to places they didn’t knew in the Bay Area, mostly Marin County. Exploring Sausalito taking hot chocolates looking at Tiburon Bay or looking at the views of San Francisco from Hawk Hill.

March Randomness

I spend the end of the winter doing a lot of week ends outside of San Francisco. Pescadero, Monterey, Tahoe again…

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