Hand crafted, Infinitely scalable Icons for User Interface Designers

pixel perfect

100% vector shapes

Download the psd What’s in it: 80 icons, 16 by 16px. Photoshop file, CSH file & PNG. Free for personal and commercial use.

Other resources

Keepr (psd file)

2 icons in psd file

Mimi Glyphs (psd file)

40 16x16px icons in vector layers in single psd file

Cameras (psd file)

1 psd file, 8 cameras, many layers and textures

plane (psd file)

1 psd file, many layers

mac 3D (icon set)

A total of 16 icons. 256×256 px png.

music (icon set)

74 png icons 64x64px

color pulse (wallpaper pack)

5 wallpapers. Many resolutions

stratocaster (psd file)

One huge psd file

micrOs (icon set)

12 64×64 px png icons.

juicy fruit (psd file)

30 icons in psd and png format

deep space (psd file)

9 icons in psd format

delight icons (psd file)

7 icons in psd format