It’s been really sunny in paris these days but I’ve been busy with work. Here’s a couple of shots thought

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Yesterday was the ‘FĂȘte de la musique’. It’s a very special day since it’s the beginning of the summer, the longest day of the year, and the national day of music. All bars, and cultural places have a band playing. You can find ALL kind of music in the street and just walk around and see/hear many things.

The only problem with this event in paris, is that everything is so spread out, that if you don’t go to the right neighborhood you end up seeing nothing :) So I decided to stay in my neighborhod and walk around. Didn’t took so much pictures but here are a couple

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Wow what a week end! I didn’t do much on friday and saturday during the day. But saturday night and the day of sunday where amazing. Lot’s of party and drinking of course, huge bike ride / stroll in paris. There was a bunch of people out and some cultural event a little everywhere! And then sunday night we went to trocadero to watch brasil-ivory coast

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I’ve been doing a bunch of things latelly! I received the visit of a very olllllld friend, emilien. We met on 2000 and didn’t see each other since 2002, so that was great! I’ve also been receiving lot’s of guests home throught couch surfing. And beetween all that parties (birthday party on the paris river side yay), saturday strolls and of course soccer games!

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It’s been 28 wonderfull years on this beautifull planet! I love you all ;)

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Ladies and gentleman. I am proud to prensent you salleeawesome, my personal blog.

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