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Hi! I’m Jeremy. I’m a human interface designer & front end developer from France. I have a passion for pixel perfect, minimal & easy to use interfaces. I also love visual oriented html / css / javascript. Like all French people I live off baguette, champagne and foie gras evidently! I also say ohlala.

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What I do


Through my years of experience I’ve been involved in a number of different projects. Branding, logo’s, marketing and websites have no secret for me. Even though I enjoy any of those tasks, I have specialised into making simple, clean and beautifull human interfaces.


Making pretty pixels is very easy. Making them usable is another ball game. Naturally placed elements in a page can be more powerfull than any visual style. Problem solving is an everyday exercice in my work. It touches many other skills like psycology , logic, analyse.


Eversince I learnt design I’ve been teaching myself how to integrate them. Having an engineer background, I have specialised myself into a designer coder unicorn. Making sexy & usable apps is a waste of time if you don’t have the power to preciselly integrate it.

My work


Whenever I have the time.
I like to take pictures that tell stories

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