A very complete set of music related icons. You will find 74 different icons. Guitars, speakers, boomboxes or microphones, each element comes with a variety of bold colors and customized versions. Get your cow speaker now!!

What can/can’t you do with them?

I hope you like them. Before you download the whole set, I need you to know what can and what can’t you do with the icons. The set may not be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. Agreed? Great, so here’s what you can do with the icons:

  • Download it for free (;
  • Use it on your non-commercial & commercial website
  • Use it on your desktop / dock
  • Use it in your non-commercial & commercial software
  • Tell your friends about it!

By downloading the file you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of use.

Download and comment!

I am looking forward to any comment you have on this set. I want to improve my products and it’s impossible without kowing your opinion. Tell me what you think so I can make next set  even better!

Are you ready to get it?

download now!

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  1. Mike says:

    Classy, Beautiful!

  2. justis says:

    perfect great images!

  3. Гость says:

    Супер ;) Спасибо!

  4. Great job!

    I will post on my blog today with a link directing to your profile, ok?

    CarlosHPS Webdesigner

    • Jeremy says:

      hello Carlos

      As long as the zip file remains only here in this website, all is good. You can put a link on your blog that will redirect to this post, but don’t make the zip file directly available on your website

      thx (:

  5. A. Waheed says:

    WOW !! Very amazing collection

  6. Mike M. says:

    Thanks, now I have a great icon for Listen audio player on Ubuntu!

  7. Tunks says:

    Thanks a lot

  8. paul says:

    Simply thank you for your generosity!!

  9. Ken says:

    Top notch stuff! Thank you!

  10. Miss V says:

    Beautiful! Funky! Thanks :)

  11. ojitos says:

    i would have paid you for this… thanks any ways

  12. onyou says:

    gamsahapnida!! (it means ‘thank you’ in Korean)

  13. Raphael says:

    muito lagal!!

  14. green machine says:

    Thanks !!! Great Icons !!!

  15. ewan says:

    this is awasome! thanks

  16. Thank you for giving these away. They’re really special.


  17. Bill Dwyer says:

    Very, very nice! Will use them on my 2 music review sites!

  18. I love these icons. Thanks!


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